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Chazz Clevinger, CEO

Chazz Clevinger, Chief Executive Officer

As CEO, Chazz serves as the product visionary, revenue driver, and strategic leader of OneClickPolitics.

His prior experience includes:
  • President and Chief Strategist, Coastal Political Strategies
  • Vice President of Campaign Services, SevenTwenty Strategies
  • National Enterprise Sales Director, CQ Roll Call
  • Office of Strategic Initiatives, The White House

Chazz Clevinger

Chazz has consulted on over one hundred international, federal, state, and local campaigns for candidates, corporations, associations and non-profit groups. Additionally, he has attended the Civitas Institute of Practical Politics, North Carolina Institute of Political Leadership, Republican National Committee's Campaign Management College, and the Campaign Management College. Chazz is also a member of the American Association of Political Consultants, Grassroots Professional Network, and the Public Affairs Council.

A North Carolina native, Chazz is a Phi Beta Kappa initiate and distinguished honors graduate of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill where he double majored in Ancient History and Political Theory. His thesis "Machiavelli, Livy, and the Political Use of Religion" resides at UNC's Wilson Library and his writings have been featured in Campaigns and Elections.

In his spare time, Chazz raises money for the DC Area Phi Beta Kappa Association to support minority scholarships and for the Naivasha Children's Shelter, which provides food, housing, and education to orphans in Kenya.

His best hidden talent is singing old school R&B songs.

Chazz Clevinger, CEO

Ryan Ruscett, Chief Technology Officer

A fierce competitor with a passion for excellence, Ryan is dedicated to building the world's greatest advocacy technology platform. He loves hearing ideas from clients on how to improve our product.

As the leader of our engineering team; Ryan manages the execution of our product road map for OneClickPolitics. His background includes development positions at IBM, Aflac Ventures and various startups. He might be the only Developer who likes Systems Administration and the only Systems Engineer who likes Developing.

You can catch Ryan at TeamTreeHouse where he is a moderator helping answer development questions as it pertains to Java, Python and Ruby. He has also written several articles on migrating to the cloud and posts numerous "how to" videos on web. Ryan also attends and co-hosts several local tech meetups.

Ryan is originally from Michigan, but currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina with his wife and daughter. He enjoys motorcycles, skydiving and exploring the technology behind Augmented Reality. Halloween (and all things that go bump in the night) are Ryan's favorite conversation topic. If you ever get the chance to spark up a conversation and don’t know what to say, you can’t go wrong with Halloween. It is literally tattooed on his arm....like literally.