Take Action to Pass SJ1

People who have served their sentences and paid taxes deserve a chance to choose the people who represent them. It's time for a change and it's time for a second chance.

Lawmakers can bring us a step closer to ensuring Virginians a second chance by voting a second time to pass a constitutional amendment guaranteeing the right to vote for all Virginians 18 and over who are not serving time for a felony conviction – just as it was passed during the 2021 General Assembly. 

The amendment has to pass one more time before the responsibility for this important decision goes where it should – with Virginia's voters during the 2022 elections. Recent polling conducted by the Beacon Research Group showed that 65% of Virginians believe that once a person has served their time, they should have the right to vote.

When the House Priveleges and Elections subcommittee met to discuss the amendment for returning citizens, five members killed all of the bills in one vote at 7am. This was after activists spoke in favor of this important legislation with no one speaking in opposition. 

These five members have a chance to do the right thing and vote in favor of SJ1, the Senate version of the constitutional amendment, when it comes up for a vote in their subcommittee.  

Take action! Contact these 5 subcommittee members and ask them to vote YES on SJ1 because our democracy is stronger when more people are allowed to participate in it.