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Award-Winning Advocacy Software for Australian Nonprofits, Corporations, and Associations.

OneClickPolitics is the leading advocacy software solution for Australian associations, corporations, and nonprofit groups. Our technology is used by the Business Council of Australia, Australian Christian Lobby, Optometry Australia, and many other prominent advocacy organizations throughout Australia.

We have played a role in every major policy debate in Australia in recent years from the major legislative battles on euthanasia to economic legislation in New South Wales. If your goal is to reach the ears of lawmakers in Canberra; then OneClickPolitics is your key to success.

Key Features

Nationbuilder Integration

Mass email and texting tools

Match advocates to MP’s based on postal code

Full committee listings of all state and federal MP’s

Full database with contact information for all state and federal MP’s

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“OneClickPolitics is much more than its name suggests. Not only does it place our supporters in touch with decision-makers, it also allows those same users to be redirected to our donation page. This is critical to offsetting campaign costs and expanding our reach. We are throughly impressed with what we have been able to achieve.”

Damian Wyld, Australian Family Coalition