Hold a Constitutional Carry hearing NOW!

As House Bill 1369, a version of Constitutional Carry, continues to wait to be heard in committee, we grow ever close to the April 8th Committee transfer deadline.

We cannot allow the Senate to run out the clock on Constitutional Carry. So it is imperative you demand the Senate Judiciary Committee hold a hearing IMMEDIATELY! 

Unfortunately, the Indiana House added poison pill amendments to it by pushing back the effective date of the bill -- and mandating the creation of a flawed super database that could harm gun rights.

This cannot stand!

Law-abiding citizens deserve to have their rights restored upon passage of this bill and shouldn't wait around for anti-gun law enforcement officials to come up with new ways to weaponize Indiana's due process-shredding "Red Flag" law through yet another government database.

And with a backlog of law-abiding Hoosier's already waiting for their Government issued permission slip to protect themselves and their families, Constitutional Carry is needed now more than ever -- NO MORE DELAYS!

Further, as drafted, HB 1369 does not allow for Constitutional Carry on land managed by the Department of Natural Resources, leaving in place a DNR rule that requires a permit to carry.

True Constitutional Carry legislation should allow ALL law-abiding citizens to carry in areas where carrying with a permit is already allowed.

New issues with HB 1369 continue arising as legal experts dig into each new iteration of the bill, further proving that it was hastily thrown together in the name of compromise without realizing the full ramifications of the policies added to the bill.

Not a single Constitutional Carry state, now 18 of them, includes language mandating the creation of a database that could lead to all sorts of civil liberty violations, as well as delaying the implementation for over a year.

It's critical Constitutional Carry be expanded to DNR lands and that the dangerous poison pill database is removed!

 Fill out the form on this page to contact Judiciary committee members today!