The public has a right to have their voices heard during the legislative session!

The Legislative process for public participation is not working and it needs to be changed immediately.  In the alternative, the session should be stopped until the public can be included in the process. 

The Senate requires advance notice of someone desiring to comment, even though committee chairs can change the agenda at any time.  Some people are receiving no response to their request to speak and are blocked from commenting.  Others who receive a link in order to speak are sometimes still not recognized.

In the House, the link for public comment is included on the schedule, which is a great improvement over the Senate procedures, however, there are times when a person raises their electronic hand to speak, and is denied that right.

The bottom line is that both chambers are sometimes severely limiting public comment on critical subjects. This situation is untenable.

Send a note TODAY urging your legislator to immediately fix the broken public comment procedures or STOP the legislative session until the public has access.

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