CACs: State of Ohio Line Item

ONCAC is requesting a budget line item of $2.6 million based on the number of children served in Ohio as of July 2019 which is 11,700 time the average amount neighboring states have supported their county CACs per child at $207.

We are also requesting $200,000 to support the development of new CACs so that Ohio may have the goal of CACs in all 88 counties.

We have received the approval of the Attorney General’s office to administer these funds.

Here are the details that support our request:

Ohio is the ONLY state of the midwestern neighboring states that does NOT financial support a portion of the CAC work caring for abuse children. Here are the numbers: 

  • Indiana $1,500,000     
  • West Virginia $2,206,000      
  • Pennsylvania $3,000,000 
  • Michigan $1,300,000      
  • Illinois $4,700,000      
  • Kentucky $3,700,000
  • Iowa $1,068,000                                                  
  • Ohio  $00.00

CACs in Ohio are a proven model funded by both private/public support to operate.

CACs in Ohio have seen a 31% decrease in federal VOCA funding this past year and are projected for another 34% reduction starting in Ohio. This will mean several CACs will be forced to close their doors. Maybe one in a district of a Finance Committee member?

Data shows us that VOCA support of CACs work. According to the National Child Abuse and Neglect Data System created under VOCA in 1990, Ohio had 107,271 cases of child maltreatment. Through services provided under VOCA, according the 2017 report, this number has dropped to approximately 24,897 cases statewide.