Let the Good Work Being Done Towards Environmental Stewardship Continue!

SB 8, Local Air Quality Regulations violates the good faith effort of many parties who came together to establish air quality rules over the past two years. Legislation already exists to allow for the promulgation of rules and that should be completed and not overridden by new legislation.  Simply put, we don't need another law (SB 8) to get in the way of clean air initiatives already underway.

Stakeholders from all parts of our state, including the oil and gas industry, actively participated on the state’s Methane Advisory Panel which brought together state agencies, environmental groups, indigenous community advocates and energy companies to move forward a rulemaking approach grounded in sound science, innovation, and collaboration to reduce methane emissions. 

Unfortunately, SB 8 has the potential to completely derail all of the positive collaboration that has occurred between the Governor’s Office, EMNRD/Oil Conservation Division, NMED, energy companies, environmental groups and other key stakeholders working in partnership on the state’s existing methane rulemaking process.

Tell legislators AND Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham new laws on this issue are not needed and to say NO on SB 8.