Fund the Victims of Child Abuse Act programs at $48 million in the FY22 budget

What we are asking for you to send to the Ohio US Senators: 

I want to first say thank you for being a champion for abused children. Last year Ohio served more than 9,000 children, and we could only do that with your support and the critical funding provided for the Victims of Child Abuse Act programs in the FY21 CJS budget. So let me again say thank you! I also want to thank you for voting yes on the VOCA Fix bill. VOCA dollars are critical to CACs being able to serve abused kids!

Of course, I know there is no rest for the weary and that the FY22 Approps season is already well underway. And similar to last year, Representatives Costa and Wagner are currently circulating a DC encouraging Members to join them in pushing House CJS Appropriators to fund the Victims of Child Abuse Act programs at $48 million in the FY22 budget (which not only adjusts funding needs to reflect inflation, but also helps address many of the challenges CACs have experienced serving families during COVID.) These critical dollars are intended to help CACs in daily operations to ensure that victims of child abuse have access to a CAC and services when they need them.

We thank you for your continued commitment to helping abused kids and urge you to sign the Costa/Olsen/McAdams/Wagner FY22 CAC funding letter. To sign onto this critical letter, contact Ian Fluellen at (Rep. Costa’s staff) or Molly Joseph at (Rep. Wagner’s staff) by COB on April 23rd.

Thank you for your consideration, support and partnership in helping child abuse victims heal.