Email Your Elected Officials to Oppose Bans of Flavoured Vaping Products!

The federal government as well as the provincial government in Quebec has announced their intentions to further restrict vaping with bans on all non-tobacco flavours in vaping products and/or a 70% reduction of the nicotine cap to 20 mg per mL. Sadly, the predictable result of either restrictions will be the return of a large number of ex-smokers who currently vape back to significantly more toxic combustible tobacco products as well as to considerably decrease the number of current smokers who would otherwise attempt and succeed at switching to a far less harmful source of nicotine.

Lives are quite literally hanging in the balance which is why I ask that you that write to your MNA in Quebec and your MP in Ottawa to tell them to: OPPOSE any ban or restriction on flavours in vaping products and OPPOSE the reduction of the current nicotine cap; INCORPORATE a harm reduction approach into our tobacco control policies in which vaping would play an integral part; ADOPT fact-based relative risk statements; SUPPORT fair, equitable, and evidence-based regulation.