Please Support the Zero Textbook Cost Degree Program!

Please support Governor Newsom's proposal to fully fund the Zero Cost Textbook degree programs. As the Governor said, the textbook industry is a “racket,” placing burdensome costs on California Community College students.

ZTC programs allow our Community College students to progress through complete degree pathways without paying anything for textbooks and other costly learning materials. By utilizing high-quality, peer-reviewed open educational resources, research shows that every dollar invested into the ZTC program realized more than $8 in student savings.

Beyond saving money, students enrolled in ZTC degree programs perform better in their classes.

With 7 in 10 community college students reporting being food or housing insecure, these savings make a critical difference in their ability to continue their studies. A recent survey of college students showed that 25% needed to work extra hours to afford course materials. 19% said that they decided what course to take based on the cost of materials. Those costs forced one in nine students to skip meals.

These stresses are only greater since the onset of the pandemic. Continuing and expanding the ZTC program is one proven step towards repairing a broken system.

I urge your support of the Governor’s proposal, and thank you for standing up for our students.