Support affordable energy! Stop SB 30!

SB 30 would eliminate renewable gas (RG) as a pathway to decarbonize state-owned buildings and will lock California into an all-or- nothing greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction strategy for state buildings. An all-of-the-above approach to reducing carbon emissions that includes hydrogen and biomethane can help the state achieve its climate goals faster, cleaner, and cost-effectively.

The state’s environmental goals should not come at the price of deepening the state’s affordability crisis and widening income disparity levels. An August 2020 report from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) concluded that California can reach its 2045 carbon neutrality goals at the lowest possible cost prioritizing the gasification of biomass into hydrogen. Additionally, this report finds that by using the state’s own waste biomass, geologic storage assets, and existing pipeline infrastructure and rights-of-way, achieving carbon neutrality is not only possible, but also quite affordable.