Support affordable energy! Stop SB 31!

SB 31 requires the State Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission to identify and implement programs to promote existing and new building decarbonization. Additionally, this bill authorizes the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) to provide funding for existing and new building decarbonization efforts. Further, this bill state as a principal goal of electric and natural gas utilities’ resource planning and investment the decarbonization of existing and new buildings.

The vast majority of Californians currently use natural gas as their preferred energy source for space and water heating, as well as cooking, electrifying end uses could increase annual utility bills almost $900 more than in mixed-fuel homes. In fact, SoCalGas CARE customers consume more gas than non-CARE customers. The legislature should be aware of this fact and the unintended consequences of shifting all consumption to electricity. Most families cannot afford to shoulder this undue and onerous financial burden.  As our state is currently facing historic levels of homelessness and poverty, policies that would drastically increase monthly utility bills and the cost of building compliance, which negatively impact housing affordability, are misguided, heavy-handed and regressive. Now is not the time for the Legislature to promote bills that will add to the cost of home ownership and stifle construction with more unnecessary regulation. But it isn’t just in the home where additional costs will be incurred. Similarly, businesses forced into all-electric commercial buildings would be faced with higher energy costs that they would likely pass through to consumers. The costs of goods and services will rise as a result, increasing the cost of living even further. Lastly, there is no law or requirement stopping those who choose to electrify their home or business from doing so.