Keep Alcohol To-Go!

The last year has been terrible in so many ways, but one pandemic-era policy change has actually been positive for New Yorkers and restaurants alike. That beloved new policy is alcohol to-go, which has allowed all of us to order margaritas with our tacos; Guinness with our shepherd's pie; wine with our spaghetti. 

Alcohol to-go has been extremely well-received by the public. It is convenient, and it allows New Yorkers to more fully support their local restaurants and get restaurant-quality food AND beverage when they order out. For restaurants, it has provided an additional revenue stream in an incredibly difficult year, and as restaurants walk the path to reopen and recover, alcohol to-go could help them get there. 

Help us Keep Alcohol To-Go! This is a policy that deserves to outlive the pandemic, and we need your help to keep alcohol to-go as an option in the years to come. What can you do? Choose to email and/or tweet your legislators and tell them why you love alcohol to-go! 

Enter your address and our system will quickly and easily identify your elected officials, so you can hit send on a pre-drafted email urging them to support this important policy. Feel free to edit the pre-drafted email for higher impact, and send a separate email from your home address and the address of every restaurant or bar you have in New York. Please share this email far and wide.