Thanks for Stopping AB1316!

Dear STOPAB1316 supporter, 

Thank you for your engagement in opposing AB 1316. Hopefully you have heard by now, late last week, the author moved the bill to inactive status. That is great news! What that means is that the bill is dead for this calendar year. AB 1316 could be resurrected in 2022, as the second year of the two-year legislative cycle. 

This bill was the latest attempt by anti-charter politicians and public labor unions to impede charter schools by cutting funding and putting unreasonable limitations and restrictions on programs like ours.  

Thanks to a huge awareness campaign and lobbying effort with volunteer support – from schools, students, charter partners and advocates of school choice – we were victorious in protecting students and promoting equity in education.  

Legislators received tens of thousands of communications – letters, emails, calls and videos, while accurate information and opinion pieces were placed in many news publications. Thanks to you! You helped us tell your representatives why this legislation is bad for California. Those efforts made a significant difference in the bill being put on hold for now.  

Thank you for your help! We anticipate more to come and are prepared to continue the fight for what’s best for kids. We will stay in touch. Please check back for updates and additional information. 


Coalition for Equity in Education