Tell Your NY Legislators to Oppose A 7771/S 3018!

NY A. 7771/S. 3018 is an anti-gun bill, sponsored by Assembly Member Chantel Jackson (D-79) and State Senator Kevin Parker (D-21), which would create onerous and draconian additional requirements for the purchase of a firearm. The bill would mandate the following:

  • Requires a person to apply for a hunting license prior to the purchase of a shotgun or rifle 
  • Establishes additional requirements for all firearms, shotguns and rifles including: 
  • Taking a five hour gun safety course and exam 
  • Pass a shooting range test with 90% accuracy 
  • Provide notarized proof of a passed drug test and mental health evaluation
  • And provide proof of purchase of a firearm and ammunition safe.

To make sure this ludicrous bill never makes its way to Corrupt Cuomo's desk, please contact your state legislators by using FPC's tool that sends pre-crafted emails directly to your state legislator's inbox. You are encouraged to personalize and edit the pre-written email to your liking before sending.  Simply fill out your information on this page and our email will pop up for your edits. Thanks in advance for taking action on this monstrosity of a gun control bill.