Stop Virginia Gun Control!

In a press conference on June 2, Governor Ralph Northam stated that he would like the state legislature’s next priority to be a ban on “assault weapons” in Virginia. Like clockwork, it is yet ANOTHER push by anti-gun politicians to ban commonly owned firearms.  

Thankfully, this legislative session is over and Governor Northam is limited, by the Virginia Constitution, to one term in office. Northam may not be in power next legislative session, but he isn’t the only anti-gun politician with an eye on your rights and property! Terry McAuliffe will lead the Democratic ticket in the November election and Virginia gun owners know his anti-gun stances well. In fact, he recently met with gun control activist Gabby Giffords and discussed his hopes to restrict even more gun rights in Virginia beginning in January of 2022, should he be elected to serve as governor again.

Thankfully, FPC has a tool that provides you with pre-written messages of opposition to “assault weapons” bans or other gun control measures. You are encouraged to edit and personalize these messages. Our system will hold on to your message until the next legislature is elected and confirmed. That way, come January 2022, we will be ready no matter who sits in the governor's mansion in Richmond.