Oppose coercive measures in the Armed Forces

Those that fight for our freedoms are now being bullied, coerced and discriminated against for making a lawful, legal decision to decline the COVID-19 injection. Our service members are being forced to make personal medical decisions against their will. It must stop.

Misleading statements, manipulative, and coercive measures are being used against service members who haven't had a COVID-19 vaccine.

Discriminatory practices included:

• Leaders will not approve travel for personnel who – by law – are legally allowed to decline the ‘vaccine’ - yet leaders are instead only approving for those who receive it.

• Special “counseling” sessions are required with the chain of command asking for specific reasons why they have lawfully declined. In one instance, one leader was even asked for his subordinate service members to write 5 different reasons for declining the ‘vaccine’ and demanded that the response be put into MLA format.

• Segregation of cadets at West Point where 37 non covid vaxxed students were placed in a 20 person tent.

• Forcing non vaxxed service members to wear masks during swim exercises. Mask mandates for the non vaxxed is a violation of privacy policies. It is unscientific and counterproductive to physical training.

• Lifted restrictions for vaccinated persons. This creates a hostile environment and blatantly disrupts good order and discipline.

• Withholding schools/ deployments/ trainings if they don’t receive the vaccine.

• Gathering lists and publicly listing service members who are denying the vaccine to higher echelons of Command.

• Non vaxxed service members forced to ROM/quarantine on ships for 3 weeks pre and post deployment while vaxxed SMs are allowed to freely move about.

• Restricting movement of non vaxxed individuals to 50 miles from base.

• Preventing family of graduates to attend graduation ceremonies unless they (the family members) are vaccinated.