Bring Constitutional Carry to the House floor!

Let's push for a vote on Constitutional Carry!

With open carry being completely legal in Michigan the Concealed Pistol License equates to nothing more than a "coat tax" on carrying your legally owned firearm.

And if you do accidentally cover your gun without a permit you're made a criminal.

It's past time for pro-gun activists to make it crystal clear the expectations for lawmakers in Lansing to fully restore the right to keep and bear arms by passing vital pro-gun Constitutional Carry legislation.

Constitutional Carry is the simple idea that if you are legally able to possess a firearm you are legally able to carry that firearm -- open or concealed -- without needing a government issued permission slip.

It has taken the persistent pressure of grassroots gun rights activists to get Constitutional Carry its very first committee hearing last year and being filed in the Senate for the first time ever this year.

That's why it's again up to you to contact your lawmakers urging them to support and pass Constitutional Carry!