Request American Rescue Plan Act Dollars for CACs

The Ohio Network of Children’s Advocacy Centers (ONCAC) is THE statewide association representing the Children’s Advocacy Centers (CACs) throughout Ohio. Unfortunately our Ohio CACs have had their budgets cut by more than $7.1 million.

Throughout 2020 children have had less contact with mandated reporters leaving children more vulnerable to abuse. As restrictions ease, CACs are seeing both increased cases AND severity of physical abuse and sexual abuse cases. Now more than ever before, children need CAC services.

Cases are expected to continue surging as new variants of the virus emerge. Due to restrictions CACs have been unable to engage in fundraising events that support up to 30% of total services. Due to the economic impacts of shutdowns CACs have seen reduced funding from corporations, foundations, and donations. ($2.9 Million Loss)

VOCA funding directly supports Mental Health, Medical, Victim Advocacy, and Forensic Interviewing. There has been a 70% cut in VOCA funding during the past 3 Years with CACs losing more than $4.2M.

On July 20, the United States Senate passed the Victim of Crimes Act funding bill to mandate restoring money allocated to victim services organizations. While this is excellent news, it will be at least two (2) years until funding levels are once again increased to some prior level (but most likely not fully restored). No matter what, this passage doesn't help Ohio now with CAC pandemic-related expenses. This timing AND the fact CACs were not included in the state budget, now we are really struggling.

We are asking Ohio legislators and the Governor follow the state of Illinois' example of supporting CACs through ARPA dollars. Please ask for their support the ONCAC's request of allocating $7.1 million to support our abused children in Ohio.

If you have any questions regarding this campaign, contact Brad at or 614-578-8029.  #SaveOhioChildren