Support Pro-Gun Bills in Wisconsin!

Recently, two pro-gun bills were introduced in Madison that we need your help to get through the state legislature. Wisconsin Assembly Bill 495, sponsored by Rep. Robert Brooks (R-60), would allow for individuals with a license to carry to keep a firearm in their vehicles.  Licensees will be granted the ability to do so as long as the vehicle is locked and the firearm is out of sight.  State Senator Andre Jacque (R-01) has introduced S 484, which serves as the companion bill to A 495.

The second bill, Wisconsin Assembly Bill 498, would drop the minimum age to carry a firearm from 21 to 18.  This common-sense bill, sponsored by Rep. Shae Shortwell (R-02), would allow for those who can vote and serve in our military to finally be able to exercise their Second Amendment rights.  The state senate will consider S 502, introduced by Sen. Juilian Bradley (R-28), as the companion bill to A 498

Please use FPC's convenient outreach tool to email your legislators in support of both of these bills that will expand gun rights in Wisconsin. Feel free to share this page with fellow Second Amendment advocates as we attempt to build grassroots support.