Keep Gun Control Out of Texas!

Recently, two gun control bills were introduced in Austin during the Special Legislative Session that we need your help to block. TX HB 54 (87-2), filed by Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-27), focuses on the creation of certain criminal offenses concerning firearm sales at gun shows. If you are an FFL and vending at a gun show, you are already required to perform a National Instant Background Check System (NICS) background check.  This bill seems to be an attempt to go after those interested in a private sale of their personal property, and gun show organizers themselves. The bill also authorizes a fee in order to cover the cost of the NICS check.

The second bill, TX HB 55 (87-2), creates a criminal offense for the unlawful possession or transfer of an "assault weapon".  The bill's use of a broad definition of "assault weapon" is concerning to say the least and would put Texas on par with anti-gun states like Maryland or Massachusetts. This bill was also introduced by Rep. Ron Reynolds (D-27). 

Please use FPC's convenient outreach tool to email your legislators in opposition to both of these bills that will restrict gun rights in Texas. Feel free to share this page with fellow Second Amendment advocates as we attempt to build grassroots support.