Repeal North Carolina's Pistol Purchase Permit!

North Carolina House Bill 398 has finally passed the State Senate.  This was the final vote needed before the bill goes to Gov. Cooper for his signature or veto.  The bill calls for the repeal of the current permitting system, which requires obtaining a pistol purchase permit prior to being able to purchase a handgun in the Tar Heel State. 

The ugly truth is that the pistol purchase permit system is a product of the Jim Crow Era. It was an attempt to make it more difficult for minority groups and the poor to be able to access firearms. Yet, somehow this relic of the past is still alive in well in North Carolina. Current law states that a person who wants to buy a handgun must first obtain a pistol purchase permit from their local sheriff's office. The sheriff's office must then run a background check via the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and an additional NC criminal history check.  Seeing that one must already go through a NICS check when purchasing a handgun, the pistol purchase permit is unnecessary and duplicative.

With both the NC House and Senate voting to do away with this archaic practice, the goal is to show Gov. Cooper how the current pistol purchase permit system is flawed. There may not be enough votes to override a veto, so we need him to be receptive to our message.  

To encourage Gov. Cooper to add his signature to the repeal of the pistol purchase permit requirement in North Carolina, use FPC's user-friendly outreach tool and tell him to support H.B. 398.  FPC has provided a pre-written email for you to edit and personalize prior to sending it off to your governor.  Please take action TODAY to help promote the elimination of the pistol purchase permit in North Carolina.