Pass Constitutional Carry in Indiana NOW!

Constitutional Carry is still on track to pass this year despite the best efforts of anti-gun RINOs in the Indiana State Senate.

Anti-gun RINO Liz Brown tried to kill Constitutional Carry by putting the bill on life support.

Thankfully, there is still time to pass the bill if you act right away!

Your voice, along with other pro-gun patriots, will be the key to making Constitutional Carry a reality in the Hoosier State.

So please, contact your State Senator IMMEDIATELY and demand they send a CLEAN Constitutional Carry bill to Governor Holcomb's desk.

In the end, Second Amendment patriots will be the difference in getting Constitutional Carry passed in the Senate.

That’s why I am calling on all pro-gun patriots in Indiana to unite and insist lawmakers pass CLEAN Constitutional Carry before the clock expires!

We must urge Senators to not compromise on Constitutional Carry in 2022 and that is why I need you to tell your State Senator to STAND FIRM and send the CLEAN Constitutional Carry bill to the governor to sign.

Fill out the form on this page to contact your State Senator today!