Pass Constitutional Carry in Indiana NOW!

In a recent meeting with Hoosier Gun Right staff, Senate Judicary Chair Liz Brown made it clear she would rather stand with the likes of Joe Biden and Michael Bloomberg than pass Constitutional Carry bill HB 1077 out of her committee.

Of course, this is no surprise as Senator Brown killed Constitutional Carry last session!

And if we don’t do anything, she’s ready to do it again.

With HB 1077 passing through the Indiana House of Representatives in record time and a Republican supermajority in the Indiana Senate, you’d think passing the bill from her committee would be easy for Brown.

Instead, it seems Senator Brown is hell-bent on killing this important legislation yet again.

It is time we say enough is enough and keep up the pressure to get Constitutional Carry past the House as soon as possible.

Gun owners will settle for nothing less than true Constitutional Carry!

That’s why I am calling on all pro-gun patriots in Indiana to unite and insist lawmakers only pass a CLEAN Constitutional Carry bill.

We must urge Senators to not compromise on Constitutional Carry in 2022 and that is why I need you to tell the Senate Judicary Committee to STAND FIRM, keep HB 1077 CLEAN and to vote to pass the bill to the Senate floor immediately.

Fill out the form on this page to contact the Senate Judicary Committee today!