Tell Your New York State Legislators to Oppose NY Assembly Bill 8262!

New York Assembly Bill 8262 was introduced this week by Assemblyman Demond Meeks (D-137). The bill, if adopted, would require New Yorkers to pass a 5-hour firearms safety course prior to being able to purchase a firearm (rifle, shotgun, etc.) and/or ammunition.  Clearly, this is just another hoop that anti-gun state legislators are pushing that law-abiding citizens would be required to jump through, that criminals will continue to bypass.

To send a message of opposition to this bill, please use FPC's legislative outreach tool on this page.  FPC has provided prewritten emails that will be sent directly to your specific state legislators.  Please review the provided email and edit/personalize it prior to sending it off to your state legislators. We appreciate your proactive efforts against this bill that is under active consideration in Albany.