Tired of the direction New Mexico is headed and ready to speak up in favor of good energy policy?

The current state administration and governor have said they want the most stringent oil & gas regulations across the country.  A proposed 'Ozone Precursor Pollutant' Rule is aligned with that goal and could force more business closures, drive others out of state and result in the loss of thousands of high paying New Mexico jobs.  

The proposed Ozone Rule (targeting methane emissions) would stifle and disincentivize the state’s biggest industry which accounts for one-third of all state revenues that go towards teacher salaries, public safety, and public health.

NOW is the time to speak against overbearing government regulations and in support of the oil and gas industry that supports our state.

It only takes a few seconds to send an email to the Environmental Improvement Board - make your voice heard today by using the form to the right.