ALERT: Anti-Gun FL Senator Pre-Files Trio of Gun Control Legislation

Florida State Senator Gary Farmer (D) has it out for gun rights supporters in Florida. Sen. Farmer didn't just pre-file one piece of gun control. Nor did he simply pre-file two. No, he went all the way out and pre-filed a trio of gun control bills.  Unfortunately for him, Floridians will see this for what it is: another attempt by the government to infringe on the fundamental rights of the people of Florida.

So what do each of these pre-filed bills aim to do? For starters, FL Senate Bill 204 would require every sale of firearms, including private sales, to go through an FFL.  FL Senate Bill 210 calls for the repeal of provisions in state law that would prohibit the registration of firearms.  Finally, FL Senate Bill 214 would ban the ability to purchase or possess "assault weapons" and large-capacity magazines in the Sunshine State.

Please use FPC's convenient outreach tool, located on this page, to write your state legislators today.  FPC will hold onto the replies from our supporters, and release them to the legislators' inboxes once the new legislative session begins in Florida. In doing so, the replies will have a greater impact on the legislators who will be considering the legislation at that time. Let's do all we can to never have these bills see the legislative light of day.