Support the Ban on Gun Store Closures and Gun Confiscation During Times of Emergency!

The Ohio State Senate on Wednesday (10/20/2021) passed a bill intended to ensure that gun stores are not shut down during times of crisis.  Introduced by Ohio State Senator Tim Schaffer (R-20), Senate Bill 185 is a bill that those against government overreach can get behind.  Additionally, if passed by the Ohio House of Representatives, the bill would ban local governments from confiscating weapons, invalidating concealed carry licenses, or closing down shooting ranges during declared emergencies.

While Ohio was fortunate to have gun shops listed as essential businesses during the COVID pandemic, all it takes is one bad election for someone to get into power to make those protections go away.  To fully realize the need for this legislation, just take a glance at Michigan, New York, New Mexico, and other states that did not find gun shops to be essential businesses during COVID. We can't allow that to ever happen in the Buckeye State!

To take action by encouraging your state representative to SUPPORT Ohio Senate Bill 185, please use FPC's convenient constituent outreach tool (located on this page) to write your specific state legislators TODAY! You will be provided a prewritten email to send them that you are encouraged to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off! Thanks in advance for taking action on this bill that is quickly making its way through the Ohio General Assembly. Let's help push Ohio Senate Bill 185 over the finish line!