It's Time to Fight Back Against "Ghost Gun" Bans in Illinois!

Every year it seems like there is a never-ceasing flood of anti-gun legislation being introduced in the General Assembly by those who wish to restrict Illinoisans' individual liberties.  Case in point, State Sen. Jacqueline Collins (D-Chicago) has just introduced legislation calling for a ban on "ghost guns" in Illinois. That will be a hard pass from us, and we're sure you agree. 

"Ghost gun" bills like this run afoul of Americans' right to home-build their own firearms, a perfectly lawful activity Americans have engaged in since before the founding.  At FPC we often remind our supporters that while technology changes, rights don't.  That's just a fact.  However, it does not seem to deter those diametrically opposed to individual rights.

At FPC we understand the political realities of this kind of legislation. Those who believe in freedom must stand against this, and any other gun control bill that may be put forward by tyrants in power.  To help flood the inboxes of state legislators in the Land of Lincoln with emails in opposition to this "ghost gun" ban legislation, please utilize FPC's constituent outreach tool located on this page. FPC has composed a pre-written email that you are encouraged to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off to your specific legislators.  We thank you in advance for staying engaged, and for your continued support of FPC!