Newly Introduced Legislation Would Require Annual Training in Order to Sell Firearms

Sticking with this Congress' theme of government overreach, new legislation impacting the livelihoods of those in the firearms industry has just been introduced.  H.R. 5678, sponsored by Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO), would require federally licensed firearms manufacturers, importers, and dealers and their employees to undergo annual training to be eligible to sell a firearm. The bill goes on to require that such licensees maintain physical security elements to help prevent theft and a minimum level of business liability insurance.  These are just more hoops that gun control advocates want firearms industry professionals to jump through.

To encourage your federal lawmakers to OPPOSE this bill, please utilize FPC's convenient constituent outreach tool to send a message directly to their inbox. We have drafted an email for you to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off.  Thank you in advance for taking action on this matter and for your continued support of FPC!