Crunch Time for Renewed Constitutional Carry Push in Ohio!

Today (11/17/21) the Ohio House of Representatives voted to pass House Bill 227, better known as constitutional carry legislation. In doing so, it has breathed new life into this legislative priority that some had foolishly written off. The legislation now heads over to the Ohio State Senate for consideration.  There is already a constitutional carry bill being offered in the Senate, Senate Bill 215, so we are asking you to email your state senator and encourage them to support either of these constitutional carry bills.  

Please utilize FPC's convenient and user-friendly constituent outreach tool, located on this page, to contact your Ohio state senator TODAY. We have no time to lose as this is a fast moving priority.  FPC has drafted an email that you are encouraged to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off to your elected officials. Let's mobilize, and get this pro-liberty legislation across the finish line. It's time for the Buckeye State to pass this long past-due legislation.