Build Back Better Legislation Includes Money Allocated for Potential Gun Control Initiatives!

This is an urgent call to action as the U.S. House has just passed President Biden's Build Back Better legislation (H.R. 5376).   Unsurprisingly this mammoth of a bill has some funding projects that are questionable at best.  In particular, BILLIONS of taxpayer money would go towards community violence intervention (CVI) programs.  At FPC, we have warned you previously about the CVI programs due to the ambiguous language associated with the allocation of the funding. Would this money be used for gun control programs? It seems that is the very intent of them according to the Biden Administration's own press releases. 

To further point out how much money is going towards this program, in the fiscal year 2022 alone, CVI programs alone would receive $150,000,000.  Each year following that, the number increases until it plateaus at $550,000,000 a year for 2025, 2026, and 2027.  It should be concerning to anyone who supports gun rights, how this money will be utilized.  

To push back on this misallocation of taxpayer money, please reach out TODAY to your U.S. senators and tell them to OPPOSE H.R. 5376 and ALL attacks on the Second Amendment via the "Build Back Better" agenda or appropriations process.  The U.S. Senate is the last line of defense before this bill becomes law.  FPC has made outreach easy for you by providing a constituent outreach tool (located on this page) that allows you to contact your specific legislator directly. Don't delay in reaching out as this legislation is actively under consideration!