Deliver for Latinos & Immigrants and Pass the Build Back Better Act!

The US House has passed the Build Back Better Act, an over $1 trillion proposal that would provide transformational investments into the country's housing infrastructure and social safety net. It is now up to the US Senate to pass this once-in-a-generation investment into our communities. 

Many of the investments in the Build Back Better Act would change the lives of low- to moderate-income people, immigrants, and people of color. 

Join NALCAB in calling on the US Senate to pass this vital legislation as soon as possible and ensure our communities are getting the support they need- including by urging the US Senate to include immigration provisions in the bill to relieve the visa backlog or otherwise facilitate the creation of a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants. 

Fill out the form to your right to send an email to your Senators. You will also have an opportunity to engage them on social media and call their office using our pre-written phone script. 

Thank you for taking action for your community.