It's Past Time for Alabama to Become A Constitutional Carry State!

This past year as other states, like Texas and Tennessee, were passing their versions of constitutional carry, Alabama was left in the dust.  2022 offers another opportunity to get the job done in Alabama and State Representative Andrew Sorrell (R-3)  and State Senator Tim Melson (R-1) are not wasting any time.  They have each pre-filed constitutional carry legislation in their respective legislative chambers.  House Bill 44 and Senate Bill 12 are the keys to finally bringing constitutional carry to the Yellowhammer State in the 2022 legislative session. 

Alabama state law already allows for residents aged 18 years and older to open carry without a permit. Currently, in Alabama, any adult 18 or older can apply for a concealed carry permit. HB 44/SB 12 would amend that to strip the requirement for applying for a permit, making concealed or open carry legal for any lawful adult aged 18 or older.  Additionally, this bill would repeal the restrictions on possession of a firearm in a motor vehicle by persons with or without a concealed pistol permit.

To help Alabama become the latest state to adopt constitutional carry, please reach out to your state legislators and let them know that you support it.  To do this, simply utilize FPC's constituent outreach tool on this page to contact your specific state legislators today. We have drafted a sample email for you to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off to your lawmakers' inboxes. Thanks in advance for taking action.  Feel free to share this page with like-minded family and friends as we attempt to grow our grassroots movement in Alabama!