Tell GA State Legislators to Pass Constitutional Carry!

Currently, there is a pro-gun governor in Georgia's governor's mansion. There are also pro-gun majorities in both legislative chambers in Georgia. Yet, somehow constitutional carry has been sitting on the back burner and has yet to be passed. The wait needs to finally be over. In the form of House Bill 2 and Senate Bill 319, constitutional carry legislation has been introduced since early 2021. These bills, each a slightly different version of constitutional carry, will now be carried over into 2022.  To get action on either of these bills, we need YOU to help reach out to your state lawmakers to let them know we are awaiting results. This cannot be passed over for yet another year.

To help ramp up the grassroots lobbying efforts in support of constitutional carry in Georgia, use FPC's convenient constituent outreach tool located on this page.  FPC has drafted a sample email to send directly to your specific legislators about this very subject.  You are encouraged to review, edit and personalize this email prior to submitting it.  To help make the biggest impact on legislators in the Peach State, we will hold onto the email responses until the constitutional carry bill is under consideration.  At that time we will send the emails en masse to lawmakers' inboxes.  Thanks for taking action on this legislative priority. FPC will make sure to keep you updated on this legislative push as well as on any other bills that impact your rights!