Let's Make Constitutional Carry A Reality in Indiana!

After constitutional carry found success in a number of states in 2021, the momentum is building for more states to recognize constitutional carry in 2022.  At the top of that list is Indiana, which recently had constitutional carry legislation introduced in the State House in the form of House Bill 1077.  This bill would remove the requirement for Indiana residents to obtain a government-issued permit to carry in-state.  Introduced by Indiana State Rep. Ben Smaltz (R-52), House Bill 1077 is a step in the right direction for gun rights advocates in the Hoosier State. In fact, this bill has already passed the State House by a margin of 63-29 and now awaits action in the Indiana Senate.

As a reminder, Indiana had constitutional carry legislation introduced in 2021, but inaction from legislative leadership in the Indiana Senate helped it fail.  We can't let that happen again. To help this bill get the traction it needs to pass, please utilize FPC's convenient constituent outreach tool on this page.  You will be provided with a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it off to your state senator.  Feel free to share this page with like-minded liberty proponents to assist in garnering enough support to get this bill across the finish line. Thanks in advance for your outreach and for your continued support of FPC.