Protect the Freedom to Vote!

Our communities' right to the ballot box is at risk. In January last year, Virginia legislators passed legislation that expanded access to the ballot box and now, just one year later, lawmakers are trying to roll back these important provisions. In states that passed restrictive voting laws last year, such as Georgia and Arizona, lawmakers have pre-filled bills to erect even more barriers to the ballot box.

The time to pass federal voting rights legislations like the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act is now. This transformative legislation will protect our freedom to vote, ensure fair representation in government, end the dominance of big money in politics and resotring the 1965 Voting Rights Advancement Act. It will help bring down the barriers erected to silence Black, Indigenous, young and new Americans and ensure everyone has an equal voice in the decisions that impact our lives.

The Senate cannot let outdated procedures stand in the way of passing the Freedom to Vote: John R. Lewis Act. In a recent Dear Colleague letter, Senate Majority Leader Schumer announced that the Senate will vote on changing these outdated rules by January 17th, Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday. 

We must keep up the pressure to ensure the Senate follows through and delivers on voting rights. Contact your U.S. Senators and urge them to support reforming the Senate rules in order to pass laws that protect our lives, our rights and our freedoms.