It's Time for All Legal Adults to Enjoy Constitutional Carry in Kentucky!

Kentucky was ahead of the game when it came to adopting permitless concealed carry in 2019. Since then, several more states have joined the ranks of constitutional carry states, and many others are in the legislative process of getting it passed during the 2022 legislative session.  However, Kentucky's law only applied to those 21 years of age and older, leaving 18-20-year-olds out of luck. To fix this, State Representative Savannah Maddox (R-61) has sponsored House Bill 122 to expand constitutional carry rights to this group.

To help ensure that this bill gets the traction that it deserves, please reach out to your state legislators in support of House Bill 122.  To do this, simply use FPC's constituent outreach tool located on this page to contact your specific state lawmakers TODAY! FPC has created a sample email that you are strongly encouraged to review, edit, and personalize prior to sending it off.  Thank you in advance for taking action on this important piece of legislation and for standing up for the rights of ALL Kentuckians!