The Time Has Come for Nebraska to Become a Permitless Carry State!

As the 2022 legislative session kicks off in states across the country, one trend is becoming clear: Permitless/Constitutional carry legislation is getting traction.  Joining states like Indiana, Florida, and Georgia, Nebraska looks to be one of the next states to adopt permitless carry within the year.  Introduced by Senator Tom Brewer (43), L 773 is Nebraska's best chance at passing permitless carry this legislative session. Specifically, L 773 would provide for the carrying of concealed handguns without a permit and prohibits regulation of such carrying by cities, villages, and counties.

To help with FPC's grassroots efforts to get permitless carry passed in the Cornhusker State, please use our convenient constituent outreach tool located on this page to reach out to your state senator TODAY! The more individuals reach out in support of L 773 the more likely legislators are to pass the bill.  So let's mobilize in favor of this legislation and help Nebraska become a permitless carry state in 2022!