Stop the radical "Green" Agenda

HJR 2 & SJR2 are resolutions that ask voters in the next election to say 'yes' or 'no' to a constutional amendment. These resolutions propose to amend the New Mexico Constitution to provide "environmental rights."

This amendment allows individuals to sue government agencies when they feel their environmental rights have been compromised.  This is expensive to the state and, therefore, harmful to taxpayers. In addition, agencies embroiled in litigation will be challenged in addressing their normal workload. This could mean slower response time for inspections that would impede business operations, such as restaurants and operators in the oil and gas industry that require inspections so they can continue operations. Not only does this reduce revenue to the business, but it also reduces revenue to the state when that business is unable to operate.

What a gift to attorneys (including those who are legislators) and what a disaster for New Mexico businesses and taxpayers who will be footing the bill for the tsunami of lawsuits IF this 'Green' amendment is placed into the NM Constitution.

Use the form to the right, send an email to key legislators on committees that will be voting on these issues. The session is moving fast so time is of the essence. It takes 30 seconds to send an email - please do it NOW.