Tell Congress America needs a PRO-GUN Supreme Court justice!

BREAKING: It has been announced that Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer is retiring. And that means Pres. Biden and his fellow gun controllers will be rushing to nominate the most extreme, anti-gun candidate they can to fill Breyer's vacancy. Indeed, Biden's pick will most likely be an anti-gun, anti-rights radical in the same vein as Kamala Harris, Dianne Feinstein, and David Chipman. 

That's why it's URGENT AND MISSION CRITICAL that you contact the U.S. Senate IMMEDIATELY and tell them to REJECT any Supreme Court nominee who does not respect the right to keep and bear arms and our other fundamental freedoms!

We already know that fanatics like AOC and "The Squad" will be putting enormous pressure on Biden to pick someone who believes the Second Amendment shoud be revised or even REPEALED

Accordingly, FPC is mobilizing RIGHT NOW to confront this threat and ensure that your freedoms are protected. But we can't do this without YOUR SUPPORT. The enemies of freedom are on the march, and it's time to meet them head on.

Don't let their sick voices drown out the majority. Let YOUR voice be heard and let Congress know that your rights SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED!