The Governor's push to endanger your voting rights is fast-tracked and must be stopped!

SB 8 Voters’ Rights Provisions is worse than the Federal Voting Rights Bill that failed four times to pass Congress. What is too dangerous for Congress, the Governor thinks is just right for New Mexico! The NM Senate is fast-tracking this dangerous bill that raises Constitutional and legal issues. Protect your right to vote securely and tell senators to say ‘NO’ to SB 8.

SB 8 would:

  • Divert up to $20 million from the early childhood education and care fund to the state election fund. This money comes out first, so there may be nothing left for the children.
  • Make absentee voting a permanent option. With questionable USPS service, this will increase uncertainty of timely and secure ballot receipt and endanger your vote.
  • Allow the voting rights of felons to be restored automatically upon release from incarceration. These people should, at a minimum, complete parole/probation, and petition for the right to vote to be restored. 
  • Allow 17-year-olds to vote in some elections. 17 year-olds are minors and cannot be held to the same standard as an adult. They are barred by law from participating in many adult activities such as being a party to a contract or getting a credit card. If minors are precluded from these regular activities, it would be irresponsible to let them vote.

There are many more issues in this 60+ page bill. The critical point is that SB 8 will not make it easier to vote, but it will jeopardize election integrity and must be stopped!

Please use the form to the right and send an email to all State Senators who will be voting on these issues soon. Time is of the essence. It takes 30 seconds to send an email - please do it NOW.