Is Senator Simpson An Obstacle For Constitutional Carry?

When asked about constitutional carry legislation in the Sunshine State, Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson says he's supportive.  In fact, he's on the record multiple times publicly embracing the gun rights legislation. Yet somehow, in a Republican-led legislature, constitutional carry has not been able to make it out of committee. As the Florida Senate President, Sen. Simpson has the ability to instruct any committee chairman to put forward a committee bill.  Yet, he hasn't done so for constitutional carry.  Senator Simpson, talk is cheap and Floridians are demanding action.

Florida's border states of Georgia and Alabama are moving on constitutional carry legislation as we speak. If these states do indeed get the job done, nearly half of the states in the U.S. would have some form of constitutional carry as law of the land. Yet, Florida would still be here playing political games with people's fundamental rights. Florida is better than that. 

It's time to wake Florida Senate President Wilton Simpson up and tell him to do the job that Floridians expect him to do.  When Gov. Ron DeSantis has already stated that he would "of course" sign a constitutional carry bill into law, why on earth is there any hesitation from those in the legislature to send him the bill?

Use FPC's constituent outreach tool below to contact Senator Simpson directly.  FPC has drafted a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit, and personalize prior to sending it off to Senator Simpson's inbox.  Please share this page with other like-minded Floridians to ensure that the message is received loud and clear. Thank you in advance for demanding action from your state legislators and for your continued support of FPC.