Say "NO" to the Journalism Competition and Preservation Act (S.673)

The Journalism Competition and Preservation Act grants immunity from federal Antitrust laws to giant news content organizations and giant distributors like Facebook and Twitter. This legislation is sponsored by both Democrats and Republicans but that does not make it right! It's up to citizens of America to tell them to stop it.

It's A Direct Violation Of The First Amendment

What part of the First Amendment is unclear? It starts with the phrase, "Congress shall make no law" and continues "that would abridge the freedom of the press". There is no question that S.673 exceeds constitutional authority. What are they thinking? 

Don't Give Antitrust Immunity To Big Media Or Big Tech

While S.673 protects Big Media and Social Media by essentially allowing them to form an unrestricted cartel, it also gives them immunity from prosecution under time-honored Antitrust laws. This is totally misguided. Collusion always picks victims, and in this case, the victims will be the tens of thousands of independent journalists, bloggers and podcasters.

Tell Them To Quit Meddling In Private Business

In any case, no government entity, including the Senate, should be picking winners and losers in the business arena. If media content giants cannot get their way with giant content distributors, then they should settle their own problems without government intervention.

 If they step over the line with illegal collusion, then they should be prosecuted under Antitrust laws.

Act NOW To Tell Them "Hands off the First Amendment"

Right Now, S.673 is being considered by the 23 members of Senate Judiciary Committee. If it gets approved, a full vote of the Senate could be straight ahead. 

By completing the action to the right, you can send an individual email to each Committee member and make your voice heard! It only takes a minute, so please take action now.