Tell your legislators to OPPOSE Senate Bill 906!

Senate Bill 906 is a anti-rights witch hunt that could label students as a public safety threat based on little more than creating, possessing, or sharing a picture of a gun.

Targeted content could include any depiction of a firearm or ammunition, including on the student’s personal social media accounts.

SB 906 would require school officials to notify law enforcement of any such “threats” so a full-on investigation can be launched.

Students who value the free exercise of their Second Amendment rights should NOT be subject to criminal investigation for simply posting a picture of a firearm on social media or elsewhere.

Please contact your legislators right away to tell them to OPPOSE Senate Bill 906.

You can use FPC’s constituent outreach tool on this page to find your specific legislators. We’ve drafted a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit, and personalize prior to sending it off.