Gov. Lamont Unveils Gun Control Package That Includes Expanded "Assault Weapons" and "Ghost Gun" Bans

Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont (D) is trying to elevate his national profile by rolling out an expansive gun control package.  While he was successful in garnering news headlines, his proposals smack of virtue signaling and have little to do with addressing actual crime.  The strategy is to blame firearms for the rising crime instead of his poor state management.  Here's a brief look at the proposals that Gov. Lamont wants to pass this legislative session:

  • Expand the assault weapons ban to include guns with so-called “arm braces” and open a registration period for those who own these weapons.
  • Expand the assault weapons ban to include pre-1993 guns and open a registration period for those who own these weapons.
  • Reestablish a Connecticut Gun Tracing Task Force to work with local and federal partners to stop the flow of illegal guns into our state.
  • Direct the Connecticut Department of Public Health’s Office of Injury Prevention to create a statewide community violence intervention program. The program will fund and support individual programs, and it will evaluate programs to create a statewide strategy for the most effective violence intervention approaches in the future.
  • Expand the "ghost gun" ban by requiring registration of pre-2019 “ghost guns," much like registration was required for large-capacity magazines in 2013.
  • Create a state license for all gun dealers in Connecticut, so the state can provide oversight and guidance to gun dealers as they comply with state law.
  • Make it easier for our law enforcement officers to request the gun permits of those openly carrying firearms, and ban the carrying of firearms in polling places, public buildings, public transit, and at demonstrations (such as marches, rallies, vigils, sit-ins, protests, etc.).
  • Automatically disqualify anyone who has been convicted of a family violence crime from holding a state gun permit.
  • Require all firearms, not just pistols and revolvers, to be sold with a trigger lock. 

On 02/10/22, Senate Bill 16 was introduced to get the governor's agenda into law.  Gun control advocacy groups are getting a lot of bang for their buck with Gov. Lamont, and that's not good news for gun owners in the Constitution State. To voice your opposition to these proposals, which will soon become legislation, please utilize FPC's constituent outreach tool on this page to contact your state legislators directly.  FPC has drafted a sample email for you to review, edit, and personalize prior to sending it off to your lawmakers' inboxes.  Feel free to share this page with like-minded liberty advocates in order to maximize our outreach against the governor's outlandish proposals. Thank you for taking action against Senate Bill 16 and for your continued support of FPC!