Protect Voting in Georgia!

After Governor Kemp said that he would not support any new election bills this legislative session, the House passed HB1464, an omnibus bill that combines many of the worst anti-voting proposals this year. 

This bill includes alarming new provisions that will damage Georgia's already fragile elections infrastructure and, ultimately, hinder Georgian’s freedom to vote. Here are just some of the provisions in HB 1464:

  • Effectively blocking more than $43.3 million from county budgets for elections administration by prohibiting donations.
  • Further limiting the required number of voting machines per precinct, leading to longer lines and wait times to vote. 
  • Allow for intimidation of election workers and voters by giving the Georgia Bureau of Investigation sweeping new authority over elections.
  • Perpetuate the Big Lie by allowing for unlimited election audits from third parties. 

This bill is a continued attack on our freedom to vote that started last year when Georgia passed SB 202, which touched every aspect of voting - from early voting, drop boxes, and more - and specifically targeted Black and brown voters.

The bill is currently in the Senate Ethics Committee. Contact members of the committee and ask them to vote NO on HB1464!