SHINE for Autumn Act

The Stillbirth Health Improvement and Education (SHINE) for Autumn Act of 2023, H.R. 5012/S. 2647

Please help us to bring stillbirth out of the shadows once and for all!

Stillbirth is a public health crisis, with approximately 21,000 babies born still every year in the United State― more than the number of deaths among children aged 0-14 years from preterm birth resulting from prematurity, SIDS, car accidents, drowning, guns, fire, poison, and flu combined. No pregnancy is immune but longstanding racial disparities persist, with 1 out of every 97 Black pregnancies ending in stillbirth. Native Pacific Islander, Hispanic and Indigenous women are also at greater risk of losing their babies. And yet, even with numbers like these, stillbirth remains one of the most underfunded and understudied public health issues in the US today.

In honor of the tens of thousands of babies stillborn every year in this country, we are asking you to take a minute out of your day to urge your U.S. Representatives and Senators to support and cosponsor the bipartisan and bicameral Stillbirth Health Improvement and Education (SHINE) for Autumn Act (H.R.5012/S.2647). SHINE would create the first comprehensive, federal-state partnership to reduce the overall incidence of stillbirth in our country through enhanced data collection, research, education, and awareness. Without progress in these areas, we are very limited in what we can do to protect families and help them bring their babies home safely in their arms. *In the 117th Congress, the SHINE for Autumn Act, H.R. 5487, passed the House, under suspension, with overwhelming bipartisan support (408-18) on December 8, 2021.

Our greatest takeaway from the last Congress was, never underestimate the power of constituents, like yourself. Please act TODAY by personalizing and completing the form email on the right-hand side of your screen to help prevent families nationwide from the devastation of stillbirth. By completing these forms, you play a vital role in our nationwide efforts to amplify our message and provide the needed and compelling evidence to your Congress Members that stillbirth is a public health crisis that we cannot continue to ignore. We remain hopeful that we can carry the same momentum and enthusiasm for SHINE from last Congress into the 118th Congress! There’s no time to waste-- with minimal investment we can do something about stillbirth RIGHT NOW with the SHINE for Autumn Act!!

Thank you so much for taking action to combat this crisis in loving memory of Autumn and the tens of thousands of babies born still every year. The time is NOW to raise the volume on the silent stillbirth epidemic in this country! To learn more about SHINE and how you can help, please click HERE.