Strongly Encourage Gov. Holcomb Sign Permitless Carry TODAY!

Despite Senate Judiciary Chair Liz Brown's best efforts to gut House Bill 1077 with an amendment that neutralized its permitless carry language, true liberty advocates in the Indiana state legislature saw through her tactics and rebuked her.  After some legislative maneuvering, legislators were able to add the permitless carry language from House Bill 1077 to House Bill 1296, thus removing the poison pill amendment that was added in the Indiana State Senate Judiciary Committee.  The bill now heads to Gov. Eric Holcomb's desk for his signature. If he does add his signature to the bill, Indiana will become the latest state to adopt permitless carry. Both Alabama and Ohio have had their permitless carry bills signed this month, keep up the pressure to make Indiana number three!

To help motivate Gov. Holcomb to sign House Bill 1296 the Firearms Policy Coalition is asking for our supporters in the state to reach out to their governor and ask him to sign permitless carry into law.  This should not be difficult considering Gov. Holcomb prides himself in being a Second Amendment advocate, but the gun control lobby is hitting him hard and asking him to veto the bill.  To do your part to encourage him to stand firm and sign the bill, please use FPC's constituent outreach tool on this page.  FPC has drafted a sample email that you are encouraged to review, edit, and personalize prior to sending it off to Gov. Holcomb's inbox. Please share this page to help this grassroots movement mobilize in support of this permitless carry bill.  Your advocacy and support for FPC are greatly appreciated.