Oppose AB 1594!

Once again the California legislature is trying to battle with the New York legislature for the title of "most anti-gun." Assembly Bill 1594 - by Assembly Member Philip Y. Ting (D-19) - mirrors a bill in the New York legislature that attempts to circumvent the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act (PLCAA). This bill would use public nuisance statutes, rather than direct lawsuits, to attempt to run firearms manufacturers out of business when their products are criminally misused. 

The PLCAA was passed by the 109th Congress to prevent a new strategy by gun control fanatics that aimed to misuse the court system to drown firearms manufacturers in lawsuits and legal proceedings, eventually forcing them out of business. The passage of AB 1594 would allow a vigilante approach to do the same thing in California.

Contact your assemblymember today and tell them to oppose all efforts to implement AB 1594.