Bill Preventing Public Funds From Being Used For Federal Gun Control In Kentucky Passes House

The Kentucky House has just passed House Bill 29, filed by Rep. Josh Bray  (R-71), by a vote of 75-20.  HB 29 would prevent any federal firearm regulations enacted after January 1, 2022, from being enforced with Kentucky tax dollars or taxpayer dollars.  If passed, Kentucky join 15 other states in adopting such legislation.  The bill now heads to the Kentucky Senate for consideration and we are asking our supporters to play a role in its passage.  

To take action on House Bill 29, simply utilize FPC's constituent outreach tool located on this page. FPC has drafted a sample email for you to review, edit and personalize prior to sending it to your state senator's inbox.  We will continue to provide updates on HB 29 and similar bills that impact your fundamental rights. Thank you for your continued support of FPC.